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Watch Jasmine Paint Online!

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Strangeling on Etsy

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Pop Gallery Exclusives

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Strangeling Art Emporium

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Strangeling.com Black Friday Sale!

Updates from Jasmine!


BIG update this week!

The biggest news of course is it’s our annual “Black Friday” SALE from now until the end of Monday night.  25% OFF all my prints, canvases, limited editions, open editions, masterpiece editions, etc. up at Strangeling.com – just use code:  THANKS2015 during checkout!  Those of you with the 10+ Patreon membership can also use your own discount codes on top of the sale, so you guys get 35% off!  =)  (Please note, third party items like Disney artwork, books, oracle decks, etc. are not included in the sale, we do not have flexibility on pricing those).

My friends at StrangelingUK.com are doing the same 25% OFF sale too – for today only – they are in the UK but ship worldwide and can mail anywhere in time for Christmas.  They have lots of other fun stuff like statues, scarves, merchandise, books, everything – same discount code:  THANKS2015

Our StrangelingEmporium eBay Store HERE has a storewide 25% from now through Monday night too, the discount is already automatically applied up at eBay, hundreds, thousands to choose from.

My lovely “Alice in a Van Gogh Nocturne” Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases are now SOLD OUT.  We have the very last one – #5/5 – up for one “last chance” auction on eBay here no more will ever be made.  We still have open edition canvases and glossy paper prints for her though, and YES you can get the 25% off on these ones at Strangeling.com HERE

Coloring Book UPDATE:  Yes, we sold all those first 50 advance copies almost immediately (within minutes) from my website earlier this week.  So those 50 are gone, and we need to wait until February when we get more when the book has been “officially” released.  You can place pre-order today for autographed copies on my own website HERE .  Or if you don’t care if it’s not autographed, I recommend pre-ordering at Amazon or at the Book Depository (Book Depository is offering free worldwide shipping, awesome deal) HERE – they ship anywhere, and have excellent prices.

And finally – I have a lovely new batch of ACEO cards up for auction on eBay, each with bidding starting at just a penny.  You can see them all here – many are from paintings you probably have never seen before!

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Jasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book pre-order on Amazon


My Jasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book is now available to pre-order at Amazon for $19.99 – click here as well as MANY other purchasing options available, including international, pre-Christmas, etc. – all the details are in this caption below, please take the time to read through this, please, please:

Firstly yes, the US Amazon site now has it up for pre-order at the link above (or just go to Amazon and search “Jasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book” ). They will have the cheapest price and cheapest shipping options, ‘cos they are Amazon. They say that they’ll be getting their stock in February. As you know, with Amazon, the sooner you get your pre-order in, the more likely you’ll be in the first batch they ship out, so go for it now if you can. If cost is your concern, Amazon will always be the cheapest. Live overseas? You can also place your pre-order directly through the Llewellyn distributors site here (price is listed in US dollars, but they will indeed ship worldwide and your credit card will convert into your local currency as per usual).

Want it sooner in time for Christmas? Want an autographed copy? Want worldwide options? Read on!
Some of us (well, just me and the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs) will be getting a limited number of ADVANCE COPIES. These will be coming at the end of November/early December. Theoretically this will be in time for Christmas/Holiday shipping. Here’s how the Advance Copies will go down:
*Later this month I’ll be giving away three copies for FREE as giveaways through Patreon (worldwide). These will be the very first copies I get myself, my personal copies, and I will autograph them. All you need to do for these is be sure to be a member of Patreon in the next week or two: http://www.patreon.com/jasminebecketgriffith
*Near the end of the month too I will be taking my remaining copies after the giveaway, autographing them, and putting them up for sale at Strangeling.com priced at $29.99+ shipping.. I will only have a few dozen copies at this time, they will probably go fast. These will be autographed, can be shipped worldwide, and will theoretically arrive in time for Christmas, etc. for gifts. I anticipate that these will sell out fast. I will post on Facebook when they pop up for sale.
*I am reserving a handful of my own advance copies to autograph and auction on eBay. These will be auctioned throughout the end of November/December. I will be putting them up as auction-formats (not buy-it-nows) so that if anybody happens to miss the initial launch at Strangeling.com (if it sells out quickly) or isn’t able to get one from Pop Gallery, they will still have the option to place a bid and get theirs in time for the holidays.
*On December 12th I will be doing a special event at Pop Gallery Orlando at Disney Springs (Downtown Disney West Side) located at the Walt Disney World Resort here in Florida. It’s a FREE event, everybody is welcome. In addition to debuting my new “Four Seasons” series of paintings, we will also be doing the official launch/release of the Jasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book. Pop Gallery will also be getting in on the Advance Copies of the book, which means that they’ll have it long before Amazon, etc. You can totally come in person, buy the coloring book, have me autograph it, and that way you can have it in time for Christmas, etc. too. Details about the event are here – In addition, subject to availability, if you are not able to attend the event at Disney World, you can instead call Pop Gallery on the phone – 407-827-8200 – and reserve an autographed copy from the event. Pop Gallery can ship your book anywhere in the WORLD. So, if the Strangeling.com advance copies sell out quickly at the end of November, calling or coming to Pop Gallery will be your best option to get an autographed advance copy available worldwide.

After the February release, the Jasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book will be widely available. My friend Paul at StrangelingUK will have them at StrangelingUK.com and will have them for our UK events. I’ll have them in stock permanently at Strangeling.com for worldwide shipping of autographed copies after the Februrary stock shipment, as will Pop Gallery here at Disney. I’ll bring them to shows & festivals like DragonCon, the KC Renfest, any sort of events like that. They’ll be in bookstores worldwide, on hundreds/thousands of online bookshops, gift stores, etc. It is going to be widely distributed. The details above are mostly just pertaining to the Advance Copies which will be coming out before the holidays, for those who want to be FIRST or who want to give them as gifts, etc.

The book is gorgeous, printed on high quality paper. The images are “one sided” meaning that you don’t have to worry about ink or markers “bleeding through” onto the other side of the page. You can totally cut out the pages too that way without missing anything. There are 55 images in all, 95 pages, introduction from me, details about the paintings, etc. While aimed at grownups, all content is suitable for all ages. If you are a retailer and are interested in stocking the book, contact Blue Angel Publishing – blueangelonline.com and they can point you in the right direction.

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PLEASE NOTE: Jasmine is currently in Chicago and/or London…

PLEASE NOTE:  Jasmine is currently in Chicago and/or London!  The evening of October 24th she will be at her event at Hoypoloi Gallery in Chicago – details are here.  Afterward, she will be flying to London for some meetings and time spent in her London home.

Please feel free to place orders here at Strangeling.com as usual!  The only delays will be for Limited Edition Canvas prints – since those are personally hand embellished by Jasmine and made on demand, those will not be shipped out until Jasmine returns on November 9th.  All other artwork, prints, open edition canvases and merchandise will be shipped as usual, coming from our midwest shipping center.

Again – orders will be processed as per usual, but the Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases will be shipped upon Jasmine’s return November 9th.

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New Dragonlings, Originals, Jasmine in Chicago next week, ACEOs and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

BIG update this week!

Thank you all who came out to see me in Seattle last weekend for my Birds and Beasties show!  All the originals are sold (except for Dinosaur Friends:  Requiem – if you are interested contact [email protected] ).  We’ll be posting all the new prints & canvases of the paintings throughout the next week or two at Strangeling.com

Next Saturday – October 24th – I will be in CHICAGO at Hoypoloi Gallery in historic Chinatown from 5pm-8pm.  It is the first time I’ve come to do an event in Chicago, so please do stop by & say hi if you are in the area!  It’s a free event, I’ll have lots of artwork there to look at, in a very fun place.  Details are here.

This weekend is the LAST WEEKEND of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  In some ways, it’s the best weekend to come because we always have it as our big SALE/CLEARANCE weekend!  We’ll be running lots of buy-one-get-one-free sales, discounts, and if you spend $10+ you can pick out a free mini print.  Make us an offer and we will hook you up, it’s the last weekend so we don’t want to take anything back home!  My sister Amber & her husband Chris will be running the shop this weekend – definitely come if you can, details are here.

I have two new paintings to show you!  Both originals sold at my Seattle show, but we now have limited edition canvases and prints available on my website, and they’re on sale this week.  “Amber Dragonling” is here and “Ivy Dragonling” is here.

Speaking of Dragonlings, we now have “Frost Dragonling” as various shirts, tanktops, tees, and throw blankets up at People’s Choice Apparel here

Guess who is finally at DisneyStore.com?  Yep, it’s me!  Available with worldwide shipping you can now purchase my “Haunted Mansion:  The Bride” prints and canvases right at Disney website here.  It’s the first time they’ve had me on the website, so that’s exciting!  Hopefully they will add more soon.

And in other news – congratulations to Julie Wilkinson of Palm Harbor, Florida!  She was the winner of my original painting giveaway on my Patreon page!   Every month on the 15th  I give away an original painting to a random member at my Patreon page.  I have just posted the next painting I’m giving away – an Alice in Wonderland tiny treasure – the winner will be chosen on November 15th – all you have to do is sign up you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.  Subscriptions start at just $1 –click HERE for details or to sign up.

My lovely “Owlyn in Autumn” Limited Edition Canvases are now SOLD OUT.  We have the very last one – #25/25 – up for one “last chance” auction on eBay here, no more will ever be made.

And finally – I have a lovely new batch of ACEO cards up for auction on eBay, each with bidding starting at just a penny.  You can see them all here – many are from paintings you probably have never seen before!

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