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Original Painting & Pin Auction for “Three Wishes”


Here is the opportunity to bid on the original pin design acrylic painting for “Three Wishes” AND yes you get my actual “Three Wishes” pin included as a free bonus – click here to see! For every pin I create, I begin with an original acrylic painting (usually an 8×10″ on a piece of masonite wood panel, like this one). It is from this design that the molds for the pins are made, and the enamel colours selected, etc. Then with each pin, I get my own personal pin to approve the colours once they have gone into production.
So far I’ve kept these original paintings and first pins together carefully packed away in my art cabinet, but I’ve decided to go ahead and auction them off in case anybody is interested in adding them to their collection =) So yes – this auction you get the actual original acrylic painting as shown (yes, it looks like an animation cel or a drawing but it’s actually just a very sharply painted original painting!), AND you get my “Three Wishes” pin thrown in as a bonus (mint condition in bag). This one in particular was a very rare pin, difficult to get (it was a giveaway from my Three Wishes show in Cornwall, UK at the Faery Festival in England last June) – so I thought it’d be only right that whomever owns the original artwork also gets the pin =)  Again – the auction is up here.
And of course – to see my currently available enamel pins, visit my Strangeling Collectible Enamel Pins page here.
I’ll be doing this with ALL my pins along with their corresponding original paintings (I already sold Voodoo in Blue at auction last year, but I have all the others), I’ll always start the bidding at a penny and will let the auctions run for a week so everybody in all time zones anywhere in the world can get a chance. We’re happy to ship worldwide! XO Jasmine

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Jasmine is in London!

Just a quick note – Jasmine is on her way to her London studio leaving Saturday (January 27th).  All orders at will be shipped & processed as normal, with the exception of the Strangeling Vinyl dolls and the hand embellished Limited Edition and Masterpiece Edition canvases (as they ship from Florida and require Jasmine to hand paint the details in person).  Hand embellished Limited & Masterpiece Editions will be shipped after her return, February 5.  All other items will ship as usual!

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Jasmine’s at Epcot! New Original Paintings, Strangeling Vinyl Now In Stock, Disney, New Pins, Custom Giveaway, Kirin & Bakeneko, The Moon & More!

Updates from Jasmine!

Happy New Year! 2018 is off to a magnificent start.  Sit back, relax and enjoy all my new artwork….

Firstly – new stuff is happening at Disney!  I’ve been appearing at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts and will be back for many more dates!  Tomorrow (Saturday the 20th) I’ll be at Epcot’s “Pop Gallery Tent” from 5-7pm over by the Canada Pavilion, and next Friday (the 26th) I’ll be at Epcot’s “WonderGround Gallery” tent (over by the the France/Morocco Pavilions) from 5-7pm as well.  I’ll be back for many other dates too – both tents always have my artwork (Disney stuff at WG, personal stuff at Pop) whether I’m there or not, in case you miss me.  The Pop Gallery Tent has my new Strangeling Vinyl dolls, by the way, and the WonderGround Gallery Tent has my new URSULA prints & merch.  Details and additional dates are on my Events Page here



Speaking of Strangeling Vinyl – we just got our huge shipment of “Alice in the Starry Night” inventory in, so if you pre-ordered your doll they are shipping NOW.  If you were waiting for them to get in stock – we have them NOW so you can order worldwide (we ship anywhere) right here on my website today!

And something fun just for my fans – I’m giving away an original CUSTOM painting up at my Patreon at 8pm EST this coming Monday night!  Join Patreon here – a custom painting means that you’ll get to tell me what to paint and even choose a frame.  Tons of other fun stuff happening up there too right now.

New paintings!  I have  four new paintings to show you!  Two have sold, one is up for auction, and one is now available at a gallery!

The first is the original concept painting for my “Alice in the Starry Night” vinyl dolls – I’m doing an auction right now for the actual original 8×10″ acrylic painting and you also get a bonus autographed Alice vinyl doll too!  Bidding for the original Alice painting / Doll auction is on eBay right here.  Bidding starts at a penny but it looks like that is moving fast!
“The Moon” original 78 Tarot painting has sold, but prints are  here, and then we have my gorgeous geisha girl in “Kirin and Bakeneko” available from the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles (email them at [email protected] or call (310) 287-2340, they ship worldwide).
We do have prints & canvases of “Kirin and Bakeneko” here.  Finally, “Alice’s Advice” is a brand new original painting for my upcoming Alice in Wonderland Oracle Deck – the original has sold, but we have prints & canvases now available here.

We have a NEW enamel pin though this month!  The January Pin of the Month – “Frost Dragonling” – available to the public for sale here!  You can see all of the Strangeling Pins we’ve released so far together here.  Or alternately you can sign up for the Pin Collector Club through my Patreon here and you  will automatically receive Frost Dragonling along with the Patreon-only pin “The Scarecrow” and you’ll get each new Pin of the Month as they are released (along with Patreon-only pins and exclusive bonus pin giveaways, discounts, and more).  We are releasing a new Strangeling Lanyard too and you will receive the lanyard (and any new lanyard designs we come out with automatically!.

Speaking of Patreon  – I’ve posted a new Exclusive Patreon coloring page – “Releasing Fireflies” – a new downloadable page – if you are already part of the coloring tier ($5+) you can click here and see all the new pages!  Not yet a member?  Just $5 lets you immediately download ALL the coloring pages so far, all at once.  There are eight pages in all (so theoretically you could always join for a week, download all the coloring pages and quit if you don’t want any of the other perks, all for $5).  If you do enjoy them, stick around and you’ll get new ones as they are added (and of course previews, sneak peeks, behind the scenes content, giveaways including original paintings & more).  Simply click the link to Patreon here and click the orange “Become a Patron” button, it takes less than sixty seconds.

Finally – we have a couple of LAST CHANCE canvases – the final #5/5 Masterpiece Edition canvas of “Alice Through a Vermeer Glass” is up for auction here and the final #25/25 Limited Edition canvas of “Ninja Dragonlings” is up for auction here.  All the limited/masterpiece editions are all gone other than these last ones up for auction, we do still have open editions available however.

XO Jasmine


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Strangeling Vinyl : Coming January 2018



I know my Patreon Patrons already know this, but for everybody else here’s a teaser – we are launching “Strangeling VINYL” this coming January! A whole new way to collect my artwork as vinyl toys. Estimated price will be $34.99, each is handpainted, will be available worldwide from and various other sites, including the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs (they should have them in time for the Epcot event too!). I am super excited for these, we’ve been working nonstop on these (for behind the scenes details check my Patreon) – the first release will be “Alice in the Starry Night!” Ages 3+

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