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DragonCon, Last Chance on MANY Ltd Ed Canvases, KC Renfest, ACEOs and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Lots of exciting stuff going on around here (and elsewhere….)

Firstly, I’m getting ready to leave for DRAGON*CON!  PLEASE NOTE We’re packing up now to begin the long journey. and our eBay/Etsy/etc. will remain up & running as usual, but for hand painted artwork there will be a bit of a delay (we return from Atlanta on September 8, our next shipping day September 9).  I am in the DragonCon Art Show at the Hyatt Regency Grand Hall WEST (same spot as always in the ART SHOW, NOT the comic art section next door, this always confuses people).  More details are below and even more details are on my event page here

Kansas City folks!  The KC Renfest starts September 5th!  Details are on my event page here .  My permanent gallery will be open every day at the Renfest for the entire season, and I myself will be there in person the last week of September and the first week of October (and I’ll be painting!).

In other news – I have some new ACEO cards up for sale (including the elusive Rhapsody in Pink – other than the ACEO there are absolutely no prints, no canvases, no merchandise of her whatsoever – just the ACEO card alone!).  Click here to see the new ACEO cards.

Now some very important stuff – many of our Limited Edition Canvases are running out.  Many have now completely sold out.  With all the sales, conventions, festivals and fairs lately we have been selling the Lt. Ed. canvas prints like never before.  I know I usually try to alert you when canvases are running low, but sometimes they sneak up on us (and sometimes stores/galleries place wholesale orders which can sometimes clear out an entire edition).  We currently have several “LAST CHANCE” Limited Edition Canvas auctions for the #25/25 (or #5/5 for Masterpiece Editions) last Lt. Ed. Canvases in each edition.  These are truly the last chances you’ll ever have for these, no more will ever be made.  Click HERE to see the last chance you’ll have for “Sanura,” “Stilleven IX: Vissen,” “Waterlily,” “Hope and Despair,” Pearl Swirl Mermaid,”  Some of these are ENDING TONIGHT so hop in there if you don’t want to miss out forever.  Scroll down in this update for head’s up on other canvases that are running low, endangered, etc. SUMMER SALE!



It’s our annual SUMMER SALE here at!  Click HERE to hop to the prints!  Today, tomorrow & Saturday (July 30- August 1) – all prints are on SALE!  All signed by me on the back, 8×10″ glossy prints are $9.99, 12×16″s are $19.99. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Just go to – click on Shop – Fine Art prints – (or just Click HERE )  and begin! In addition, all of the open edition remarqued canvas prints are on SALE too – $70 for small OE canvases, $90 for large OE canvases – you can see all of the open edition canvases on sale by clicking HERE . NO LIMIT. Again, sale ends Saturday night! We won’t do another sale like this until Christmas time. Discounts are already applied, no code needed. Enjoy! (note – sale is not on things like books, oracle decks, Disney products, etc. – only on the prints we actually make and sell ourselves!)

Jasmine’s new Tinker Bell, Frost Dragonling, Dragon*Con & other new stuff!

Updates from Jasmine!

Another big update from me!

Firstly – thank you all so much who came to my Take Over event at Disneyland!  We had our best show ever!  Florida folks – I’ll be at our WonderGround Gallery (inside Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney in Florida) on August 8th – details are here .  California folks – I’ll be back in Anaheim again soon – I’ll be at D23 in August too – details are here

I have two new paintings to show you!  Tinker Bell at Skull Rock here and Frost Dragonling here!

The LAST #5/5 Limited Edition Canvas of “Luna Eclipse” is up for auction here.

Sale print of the week is Captain Molly Morgan here

I’m getting ready for DRAGON*CON coming up soon!  I’ve written up my annual “Dragon*Con Preview PDF” which has all the details about my artwork in the art show this year – text descriptions & pricing for paintings, prices on other prints & merchandise, tips for buying & lining up, how to get a free 2016 Strangeling Calendar, and more.  If you’d like me to email you this art show preview PDF, just email m e here at [email protected] with the subject line “Dragon*Con Originals” and I’ll email it right back to you!  More details about Dragon*Con are on my event page here

This Saturday, July 25h at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles I’ll have a new painting – “Stilleven XI:  Vanitas” – details are here

And finally – other good news – I have some great new throw blankets here

Exploring Jasmine’s Muse Online Event Today!


TODAY at 1pm PST / 4pm EST is my online show “Exploring Jasmine’s Muse”  will begin here: –  Beyond Words (the publishers who are hosting the event) is now offering an online bundle TODAY ONLY featuring the new print (“Crown of Air and Water”) along with my  hardcover “Strangeling” book for only $24.95.   Excellent deal.  Worldwide shipping is available.  And yes, a rarity – the print will be signed on the FRONT by me in silver metallic ink.   They take Paypal & credit & debit cards.  Be sure to check in at the link above at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST.  You’ll be able to type in questions on the YouTube channel’s “chat” feature here  if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me!

Jasmine Paints LIVE Saturday, New Originals, Mariposas, Rumpelstiltskin, Alice & More!

Updates from Jasmine!

One of my biggest updates ever!  Tons of new artwork & new events, be sure to scroll down to see everything!

This Saturday night July 27th is “Jasmine Paints LIVE” here in Florida at Pop Gallery Orlando, located at Downtown Disney West Side – I’ll be setting up my easel around 5:00pm and will be there until at least 9:00-9:30pm.  Details about the event are HERE

Next Wednesday, July 1st is my live online event with Beyond Words Presents!  At 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern time, you can watch this internet/television special “Exploring Jasmine’s Muse” – I’ll be answering your questions & broadcasting live – details & links are HERE

I have two new paintings to show you, both which originals will be at my WonderGround Take Over event at Disneyland next month.  Both of them however are now up at as prints & canvases and are on sale this week – “Milagros:  Mariposas” and “Straw Into Gold

I have a new Custom Painting from my Faces of Faery series up for sale HERE

The LAST #25/25 Limited Edition Canvas of “Alice in The Starry Night” is up for auction HERE and this week’s “Sale Print” is going to be “A Certain Slant of Light”HERE

And finally – I have just updated my Events page here – there are events all over the world including California, Florida, Kansas City, Chicago, New Mexico, the UK, Atlanta & more!  Be sure to hit the “subscribe” button to be alerted when I’m doing a show near you!

Meet Jasmine at Disney tonight! New Alice, Faces of Faery, Poissons Volants & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Tonight is my special event at Disney World!  Here in Florida at the WonderGround Gallery inside Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney, I will be theretonight from 4pm until 7pm with a bunch of my Disney artwork & merchandise.  Details are here

Busy tonight? I’ll be back at Florida’s Downtown Disney on June 27th at Pop Gallery for “Jasmine Paints Live”, and for you California folks I’ll be at YOUR Anaheim Downtown Disney on July 10th, 11th & 12th at your WonderGround Gallery to debut a new Tinker Bell painting as part of my gallery “Take Over” showcase.  And then this August I’ll be at D23 in Anaheim to debut a new Disney Snow White painting!   Keep up with my events at my Events page here

I have FOUR new paintings to show you (wow, I have been busy!).  “Alice in the Starry Night” , “Faces of Faery 231” , “Poissons Volants:  Les Poissons Bleus” , and “Poisonous Beauties XIV:  Mandrake Root“.  Whew!  All of them are now up at as prints & canvases.  Enjoy!

MegaCon 2015 – Jasmine is there now!

Updates from Jasmine!

Just a short update from me this time – MegaCon starts TODAY!

At the Orange County Convention Center, MegaCon opens to the public at 1:00pm today (or early at Noon if you are a 3day advance ticket holder!).

I will be there all day every day today, Saturday & Sunday!

I am in the same spot as always, the BIG 20 foot double booth in the middle of the room, by Coliseum of Comics.   My booth number(s) are #728-730.  That means I am in row #700 – look up at the ceiling and you will see the numbered rows.  I am in row 700.  (That means I’m not in the artist alley, I am in the main exhibitor’s section as I always am!!)

Thousands of prints, and the debut of “The World” – my newest original painting! I’ll be signing autographs and stuff too!

When: April 10, 11, and 12th

Friday, April 10th, 1pm – 7pm
Saturday, April 11th, 10am – 6pm
Sunday, April 12th, 10am – 5pm*

(Please note, I may leave a couple hours early on Sunday as I need to get ready to check in for our flight to London for the Book Fair the next day, but Matt will be at the booth for the full day).

And yes – we will have Canvas Cuties!  =)


the mini prints (4×6 glossies) are $3
Disney WonderGround postcards are $6
the 8×10 prints are $10
the 12×16 prints are $20

canvas cuties (little 3″ square open edition canvas blocks) are $30
limited edition 6×6″ Faces of Faery canvases are $50
11×14 limited edition canvases are $95

large open edition canvases are $195

original paintings are $4500-$5000

we’ll also have a bunch of things like magazines, books, oracle & tarot cards, puzzles, etc. priced between $5 – $35.

And we take credit cards, debit cards, cash or Paypal =)

More details can be found on my Facebook Event pages here  and


PS – Florida people – I’m adding other new events in the Orlando area very shortly!  If you’d like to mark your calendars now, I haven’t officially announced these but have confirmed the following upcoming dates:

*April 25th – Saturday evening at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op’s WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Florida

*June 13th –   Saturday evening at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op’s WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Florida

*June 27th – Saturday evening “Jasmine Paints LIVE” at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney West Side in Florida


These events and more will be added shortly to my Events page here at Facebook or also at the Calendar at .  I’ll be announcing more upcoming shows in the UK, California, New Mexico, Kansas City, Atlanta, Seattle & more!!

Grand Opening at Disney tomorrow! “Oaken Mead” Painting, Faberge Egg & Contest….

Updates from Jasmine!

Another busy week, lots of new stuff to show you!

Firstly – just a reminder – TOMORROW (Friday) and Saturday night are my next appearances here at Disney World – March 6 & 7 at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Opalso at Downtown Disney (celebrating the grand opening of the WonderGround Gallery section here!).  Details about the event are here.  I will be there in the brand new WonderGround Gallery inside the Co-Op from about 5pm-7:30pm on both Friday & Saturday nights.

In other news – I have a new painting – “Oaken Mead” – available as prints & canvases here!  She’s an illustration for FAE Magazine‘s new Matthew David Becketshort story of the same name.

On the merchandise front – good news from Disney’s D-Tech – they’ve added the first of my Disney paintings to their lineup for customizable cellphone cases – details arehere.

Also in new merchandise – my very first Faberge Egg design from the Bradford Exchange is available right now online here, in stock now, featuring my Ruby Dragonling (it’s also a music box, & opens up!)

The next installments in my serial painting tutorial for “European Peacock” Butterfly Fairy are HERE , on my JasmineBecket page at Wattpad.

And finally – the “Sale print of the week” is “Once Upon a Midnight Dreary”.  You can get the $9.99 sale price (or $19.99 for bigger prints, or $90 for the open edition canvas prints) all week long here.

Valentine’s Day Sale


We’re having our Valentine’s Day Sale from now until Wednesday! At here and also on eBay seller ID: StrangelingEmporium here only $9.99 each for loads of Valentine/Romance/Flowers/Candy themed artwork ($19.99 for big prints) – all signed on the back by me. Worldwide shipping! Sale ends Wednesday at midnight!

Ruby Moon – Baby Dragon Fairy Sale Print


Sale print of the week – click HERE to order!  Open edition prints ($9.99-$19.99) & OE Canvas Prints $90 for this week only! We’ve decided this year to do a weekly “sale print” of some of my personal favourites and this week it’s Ruby Moon. Keep an eye up at each week to see what’s on sale. Open edition glossy paper prints are signed by me on the back, Open Edition 12×16 Canvas prints are gallery wrapped on boards, remarqued in metallic ink on the front, and come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (the Limited Edition Canvases have long since sold out, but the Open Edition Canvases are still available). Super cute, it is my Ruby Dragonling holding her own baby dragon .  Ruby Dragonling is a recurring character of mine – she also appears as a figurine/statue – US customers can buy those statues here  and International customers can order the statues here


©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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