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Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds – a piece inspired by my one of my favourite songs (Bob Marley – of course!). It’s a song that always makes me feel happy and this painting does, too! Three little faeries each holding a birdie (showing you how tiny these little girls must be) while the morning sun rises behind […]

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow – this might be my favourite of all my Autumn/Halloween paintings so far! I’ve painted this crow-winged faery girl sitting in a cornfield – a slightly sinister scarecrow behind her, a desolate farmhouse in the distance. The scarecrow doesn’t necessarily seem to work though – not only is there a crow-girl right by […]

The Last Leaves

A sweet angelic fairy has collected the last leaves of the season, and has stuck them in her hair (typical fairy!). My own original acrylic painting. Limited Edition Canvas Prints are SOLD OUT. However, we have now released the Open Edition Remarqued Canvas Prints – they are truly the next best thing. They are the […]

Sun Child and Moon Child

Sun Child and Moon Child – one of my favourite paintings to date, I love the colours in this one. Loosely inspired by the song “Moonchild” by King Crimson – these sisters stand together, but separately – representing the sun (on your left) and the moon (on your right). The sky & sea are both […]

Strangely Lonely

Strangely Lonely – a big eyed gothic beauty with scarlet and raven hair – clutching a tombstone in the shape of a Celtic cross. I love this painting, I painted it for Dragon*Con 2008. This is my own original acrylic painting. Limited Edition Canvas Prints are SOLD OUT. However, we have now released the Open […]

Snow White and Her Animal Friends

Snow White and Her Animal Friends is of my best, I’m very proud of this one – I can’t stop staring at her! The most recent installment in my Fairy Tales series – here we have a slightly gothic Snow White sitting in a forest glade with some cuddly critters – a raccoon, some bunnies, […]

Sign of Our Parting

Sign of Our Parting – a phrase from the Edgar Allan Poe masterpiece “The Raven.” This of course is one of the installments in my series of paintings called “Once Upon a Midnight Dreary” – a collection of original paintings and figurines (limited edition statues from the Hamilton Collection / Bradford Exchange are now available). […]

Sea Storm

If you’ve ever been on an ocean voyage during an electrical storm, it truly is an amazing experience. The sea is beautiful and dangerous during a storm – I’ve tried to capture that feeling in this painting. The luminous eyed mermaid has surfaced for a look around – with her hair blowing in the wind […]


This painting is a little different for me – a very limited palette with only hints of colour – a post-apocalyptic scene with a cyberpunk / steampunk sorta feel to it – featuring some beautiful vultures! The term scavengers in this case refers to the girl (an urban fairy with vulture wings) and her vulture […]

Sea Beacon

Sea Beacon – out on the waves of the ocean – holding a luminous globe – acting as a lighthouse beacon for lost ships in the night. One of my personal favourites – Sea Beacon also graces the cover of my new book – Portfolio Volume I. Made from my own original acrylic painting. Limited […]