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Monet Mermaid

“Monet Mermaid” is an original painting I did for my Decmeber 2017 “Mermaids” show at the Pop Gallery at DIsney Springs.  This piece is inspired by the beauty and fluidity of Claude Monet’s famous water lily paintings.  Monet of course had a very different style and manner of working than I do myself, he worked […]

Unseelie Court: Gluttony

The sixth of my “Seven Deadly Sins” collection of my “Unseelie Court” series – “Gluttony!” This is part of my Seven Sins subseries of my Unseelie Court collection, this one of course is the allegory for “Gluttony.”  This might be one of my favourites so far…. As with all my Unseelie Court pieces, there is […]

Alice Through a Vermeer Glass

“Alice Through a Vermeer Glass” – part of my long-running “Alice in Other Lands” Alice in Wonderland / Art History series – here of course is a Vermeer themed piece =)  I painted & sold the original acrylic painting for “Crime on Canvas” at the Life is Beautiful show in Las Vegas, 2017.  This is […]

Ninja Dragonlings

Those of you who attended DragonCon 2017 certainly know this one!  Not only did the original painting debut & sell at the Art Show, she was also one of the hotel key cards!  Of course you may also recognize these cuties from the Hamilton Collection figurines we did many years ago (they are all sold […]

Releasing Fireflies

Summer is here, and with it (in some parts of the world at least) comes the fireflies! (Or “lightning bugs” as we called them when I was little). I remember always being worried about them, as us kids would put them in jars with holes poked in the top for air. I worried that people […]

Keeping Up

“Keeping Up” is an illustration destined for my Alice in Wonderland oracle deck!  Specifically she is destined to appear as  Card #40 (entitled “Keeping Up”) which discusses the ambiguity of time and keeping up when things are being hard to keep up with, etc. – so I have Alice holding a clock that is warping […]

Daydreaming Wonderland

This piece debuted & sold at MegaCon 2017 and is an illustration destined for my Alice in Wonderland oracle deck!  “Daydreaming Wonderland” is part of my “Alice in Other Lands” series (based on artists throughout history) – this one is loosely based on the Rococo paintings of French artists Fragonard & Boucher (two of my […]

Girl with a Pearl Earring

This of course is my version of the 1665 Vermeer painting – Girl with a Pearl Earring! I’ve also set her in an interior scene from other paintings of Vermeer. Vermeer is one of the true masters of the art world, so you can bet this one took a great deal of time to paint! […]

Bosch Princess

This piece debuted & sold as part of “The Shape of Things to Come” show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City.  A lot of detail in this one! As with my other Hieronymus Bosch / Bruegel inspired pieces, there is a cornucopia of bizarre little medieval monster critters in this, with an overall […]

Soft Shell

“Soft Shell” – one of my paintings for “The Shape of Things To Come” the winter invitational group show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York.  The original acrylic painting sold at the show, but we have prints & canvases & other merchandise available at – one of my personal favourites.  Similar composition […]