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Jasmine’s at DragonCon! New Coloring Pages, New Paintings, Giveaway & more…

Updates from Jasmine!

Big update today!  Lots of exciting things happening and lots of new art!

Firstly – we are headed for DragonCon!  I have an event page here all about DragonCon – if you are coming, be sure to read it all – loads of important info and more details here.  I’m in the DragonCon Art Show, located on the lowest level of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Grand Hall West, same spot as always from September 1st-4th.

The same weekend, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival opens!  I can’t be in both places at once, so my family will be running my shop at the KC Renfest while I am in DragonCon.  Right after DragonCon I am back in Florida- Saturday, September 9th 4-7pm at Disney Springs WonderGround Gallery inside the Marketplace Co-Op!  Details about the event are here and additional upcoming event details are here
Next up – in case anybody missed the announcement – starting after I’m back from DragonCon – we are going to start offering free coloring pages to my Patreon patrons – completely different than any pictures found in my coloring books, these will be all new, downloadable Patreon Exclusive Coloring pages – this new benefit will be added to all the other Patreon perks for patrons at the $5+ tier level.  Not a member? Get up there now and get in on the ground floor, click here for details.  This will help tide you all over while we wait for the Mermaids Coloring Book (again though, the Patreon Exclusive Coloring Pages will not be found in any coloring book – so don’t worry about duplicates, these will be all new!)

Next – I have two new original paintings to show you!  The first one was the result of the free custom painting I gave away at Patreon a few weeks back – the winner went with a dark Alice in Wonderland/Caterpillar them – the original has sold but we have prints & canvases  for sale here, she is “Faces of Faery 238”!  The second original painting is one that sold at my Insectarium show – her name is “Insectarium II:  Carnivorous Plants” – prints and canvases are available here.  To see any other original paintings that are actually still available to purchase (they tend to sell quickly!), click here.

Next – I am GIVING AWAY a new original painting up at Patreon!  A Tiny Treasure with a Dia de los Muertos theme!  Subscriptions at Patreon start at just $1, anybody signed up by next Wednesday the 6th will be entered automatically, just click here for details.

In other news – the SALE print of the week is my beautiful “Amongst the Koi” – if you love mermaids, big eyes & koi ponds you will love this one – on sale from only $9.99 worldwide here.

And finally – it’s time for new ACEO cards and I have a grand total of ten brand new beauties up for auction here – some of these will be paintings you have never seen before!  I only make one single ACEO card for each painting I do, so they are truly one of a kind.  Trading card sized canvas prints, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered #1 of 1, bidding always starts at a penny here. Please ignore the “Jasmine’s out of town” warning as I will be back home before the auctions end and I can mail them with no delay!

DragonCon Art Show featuring Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jasmine will be at the Dragon*Con Art Show ALL DAY EVERY DAY (when not giving panels or interviews, etc.) from Friday, September 2th through Monday, September 5th In Atlanta, Georgia – the Dragon*Con Art Show is in the lowest level of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Grand Hall WEST – same as last year!


Friday September 2: 1:00PM-8:00PM
Saturday September 3: 10:00AM-8:00PM
Sunday September 4: 10:00AM-8:00PM
Monday September 5: 10:00AM-4:00PM

Location: Hyatt Regency Atlanta: 265 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30303

Jasmine will have a handful of new original paintings, as well as canvas prints, open edition prints, COLORING BOOKS, books, new oracle decks and various other merchandise. Everything is for sale, or just come to look at the new art & say hi! She will be there every day, all four days, in person and would be happy to sign stuff, chat, etc. as much as you’d like! Dragon*Con is one of the most amazing fantasy/scifi/media conventions in the world and is enormous – it’s a ton of fun – definitely check out the website: http://www.dragoncon.org/ – it is well worth building a vacation around and the discounts & prices Jasmine offers at her shows will save you more than the cost of tickets =)

Website for Dragon*Con: http://www.dragoncon.org/
Website for Dragon*Con Art Show: http://artshow.dragoncon.org/index.html
Website for Hotel: http://atlantaregency.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp

Again – please note that the Jasmine is in the actual ART SHOW itself – located on the lowest level of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta in the Grand Hall WEST. Again – the ART SHOW, not the dealer/exhibitors stuff, the actual ART SHOW (I reiterate this because Dragon*Con is enormous and takes over a sizable chunk of downtown Atlanta over Labor Day weekend!).

*ATTENTION COLLECTORS OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS: For this show, the original paintings are sold directly by Dragon*Con itself. This means that I cannot pre-sell or “reserve” original paintings at this show in any way. Dragon*Con is purely “first come, first served” when it comes to original paintings. They must be purchased in person, Dragon*Con does not ship. **To get a pricelist with sizes & text descriptions of the original paintings Jasmine is scheduled to bring to the show, email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Dragon*Con Pricelist” and we will email you the PDF with all the info we have. This PDF pricelist will be ready in mid/late July.

So if you happen to see any work-in-progress pieces at my Facebook that I specifically mention are destined for the Dragon*Con show – please understand I cannot reserve them for you specifically. However, you can speed up the process by purchasing your Dragon*Con tickets ahead of time HERE:


and by carefully reading the instructions on the Art Show Buyer page HERE (click on “Buyer Information” on the left hand side).

http://artshow.dragoncon.org/index.html (click on BUYER INFORMATION)

Just a head’s up – many collectors may show up quite early and there is usually a line up in front of the art show hours before it opens. Don’t worry too much – I will definitely bring lots & lots of art with me and there should be enough for everybody, but if there is a specific painting you have seen me show a work-in-progress pic of on Facebook, or if you collect a specific series, etc. you may want to arrive early to check on the status of the line, etc.

The show opens at 1:00pm to the public on Friday, but again – if you have any specific pieces in mind it is on a first-come first-served basis (since they are sold by Dragon*Con themselves I cannot reserve or pre-sell anything) and you may want to arrive that morning to get in line (and bring a book!).

DragonCon, Last Chance on MANY Ltd Ed Canvases, KC Renfest, ACEOs and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Lots of exciting stuff going on around here (and elsewhere….)

Firstly, I’m getting ready to leave for DRAGON*CON!  PLEASE NOTE We’re packing up now to begin the long journey.  Strangeling.com and our eBay/Etsy/etc. will remain up & running as usual, but for hand painted artwork there will be a bit of a delay (we return from Atlanta on September 8, our next shipping day September 9).  I am in the DragonCon Art Show at the Hyatt Regency Grand Hall WEST (same spot as always in the ART SHOW, NOT the comic art section next door, this always confuses people).  More details are below and even more details are on my event page here

Kansas City folks!  The KC Renfest starts September 5th!  Details are on my event page here .  My permanent gallery will be open every day at the Renfest for the entire season, and I myself will be there in person the last week of September and the first week of October (and I’ll be painting!).

In other news – I have some new ACEO cards up for sale (including the elusive Rhapsody in Pink – other than the ACEO there are absolutely no prints, no canvases, no merchandise of her whatsoever – just the ACEO card alone!).  Click here to see the new ACEO cards.

Now some very important stuff – many of our Limited Edition Canvases are running out.  Many have now completely sold out.  With all the sales, conventions, festivals and fairs lately we have been selling the Lt. Ed. canvas prints like never before.  I know I usually try to alert you when canvases are running low, but sometimes they sneak up on us (and sometimes stores/galleries place wholesale orders which can sometimes clear out an entire edition).  We currently have several “LAST CHANCE” Limited Edition Canvas auctions for the #25/25 (or #5/5 for Masterpiece Editions) last Lt. Ed. Canvases in each edition.  These are truly the last chances you’ll ever have for these, no more will ever be made.  Click HERE to see the last chance you’ll have for “Sanura,” “Stilleven IX: Vissen,” “Waterlily,” “Hope and Despair,” Pearl Swirl Mermaid,”  Some of these are ENDING TONIGHT so hop in there if you don’t want to miss out forever.  Scroll down in this update for head’s up on other canvases that are running low, endangered, etc.

Unseelie Court WAR Work in Progress

Work-in-progress – a piece debuting at – “Unseelie Court: War” – following my previous “Pestilence” piece from last show. The first four in the series are loosely based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and “War” of course combines a lot of war-based imagery, both past & present. This is an acrylic painting on panel, measuring 16″x20″, the original painting will debut at Dragon*Con’s Art Show (I’ll be there August 29 – September 1 Hyatt Regency Atlanta Grand Hall West) so those attending Dragon*Con will have the first dibs on her in person.  Details about the Dragon*Con Art Show are HERE

We are taking names for the “backup list” after the show if she’s not sold, so if you are interested in purchasing the original painting, email me at [email protected] with the subject line “Unseelie Court: War Original Painting”. She’ll be $5200 for DC attendees (it will be a bit higher to those after the show), with the prints & canvases (starting at $9.99) available at strangeling.com shortly after the show. “Death” and “Famine” will follow soon. ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Unseelie Court :  War - Work-in-Progress

Unseelie Court : War – Work-in-Progress